Turbocharger San Bernardino

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Turbocharger San Bernardino

A turbocharger boosts the efficiency of an engine. It forces extra compressed air into the combustion chamber and increases the power output of the engine. With about 8 pounds of pressure, a turbocharger can enhance the power output by almost 25 percent over naturally aspirated engines. Turbocharger V6 can replace a larger V8, with the performance index still intact.

Now, it’s possible to get access to a quality turbocharger in San Bernardino. At Samperio Turbo Rebuild, we have different types of turbochargers. We sell new, refurbished, and high-quality manufactured turbos. If you need to boost your engine's horsepower, we will provide you with the best turbocharger that efficiently suits your vehicle.

The Function of A Turbocharger

Turbochargers improve the volumetric efficiency of the engine by increasing the density of the intake gas. That way, every engine cycle produces more power. A compressor in turbos draws air and compresses it. The air then gets into the intake manifold at high pressure, therefore helping to boost the horsepower.

A turbo’s cylinder is driven by the energy lost by a reciprocating engine's exhaust gas. Turbo provides higher torque and increases the horsepower by compressing the combustion air in the engine. Also, turbos can be put in stock engines. The stock engine's horsepower increases when connected with a turbo. However, you should consider upgrading your stock engine before the installation of a turbo for maximum turbocharged horsepower potential.

 Turbochargers on Diesel Engines

Turbos increase the volumetric efficiency of the combustion chamber of a diesel engine, which self-ignites. Turbochargers increase the inlet air pressure aided by the exhaust air from the diesel engine. Cylinders burn fuel faster when air is compressed into them. Turbo forces more air into the cylinders every second. This accelerates the rate of fuel burning.

Turbos are simple, but they enhance the engine's power production, making your car move faster. That said, turbos can reduce an engine’s life if not utilized properly. You should, therefore, use your turbo in the right way to push sufficient pressurized gases through the motor to produce adequate power levels. If you do that, the strain on the engine won't be more than it is strained when you idle in traffic.

It’s also possible to know if your turbocharger is not working. The following are the warnings displayed by a malfunctioning turbo:

  • Loud whining noise
  • Excessive exhaust smoke
  • The engine burns excessive oil amounts
  • Slow acceleration of the vehicle when you press on the acceleration pedal

Low engine speeds can cause turbo lag. When power is not applied, insufficient exhaust gases are produced. As such, the turbines will not get spooled as it should be, leading to a lag.

Trusted Turbochargers Sales Services

Turbochargers are the best in boosting your engine’s horsepower. They add extra power to the engine, making your car move faster. At Samperio Turbo Rebuild, you're guaranteed to find efficient, quality turbos. What’s more, our award-winning shop offers a complete in-house service. If you’re looking for a turbocharger in San Bernardino, call us today on 909(365)-4662.

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