Train horn kits

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Train horn kits
Viking Horns sells high quality train horns kits their customers are proud to display and make use of on every possible occasion. If you’re not satisfied with the horn that came with your vehicle, change it! You’ll love the impressive sounds you’ll get with the train horn kits available from SuperiorHorns.com.
Do people get out of your way when you blare your horn or do they just turn their heads and smile your way? There’s only one sure way to get people to move when you sound your horn- install one of the train horn kits from Viking Horn and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Anyone in your way will stand up and pay attention when you install the Viking Super Blaster III-B Train Horn with 3 trumpets and its air compressor tank kit. 
The Viking Super Blaster III-B produces a high powered sound of an incredible 152 decibels, and if you think that isn’t impressive, your local tornado siren is probably not even that powerful. You can completely replace your vehicle’s horn with this kit or you can use it as an auxiliary to your original horn. This kit comes with a 1.5 gallon air tank and 12v 150 PSI heavy-duty 50% duty cycle maintenance-free compressor, including all of the mounting hardware you need, brass connecting fittings and everything else to install the system.
You’ll love the loud, low deep-pitch of the Viking Super Blaster. Customers love these train horn kits because they look great mounted on their vehicles and they produce extraordinary sound. Horn construction is metal powder black painted with trumpet sizes 16-1/2”, 14-1/2”, Dia 6-1/4” ea. Bell.
Want to take it down just a notch? Take a look at Viking Horns’ Loud 125 db Dual Trumpet Chrome air horn kits that are perfect for the driver looking for something loud, but not ear-splittingly obnoxious. The dual trumpet air horn kit produces a nice, loud sound, with trumpets that are beautifully chrome-plated metal. This kit can be mounted on the roof or under your hood and will greatly enhance the appearance of any truck RV, SUV or vehicle. Comes with a heavy-duty maintenance-free 12v compressor, hose, hardware and relay. This will install easily in any 12v vehicle.
Viking Horns invites you to visit superiorhorns.com where you’ll find one of the best online selections of train horn kits,  air tanks, speakers, sirens and kits, electric horns, accessories, Dixie musical horns and much more.
Not sure what kind of horn will work for your purposes? That’s okay- feel free to call a horn specialist at 786-565-9925 to have all of your questions answered. At Viking Horns, they want to ensure you purchase the right system for your vehicle and will go the extra mile to help you choose the most appropriate product to meet your needs. At Viking Horns you’ll get a high quality product at a great price.
Train horn kits
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