Scott Kohl

I live in Madison, Wisconsin and ordered 4 cans of Tyre-Grip in order to give the product a try. The all-season tires on my car are in moderate condition, but since the lease on my car is up in 2 months I didn’t want to invest in a brand new set. The tires are OK for rain and plowed roads, but not being caught in the middle of a blizzard. My hope was that a few cans of Tyre Grip could get me through the winter season. I’m a healthy skeptic, but I was really impressed with how well the product works. The first time I tried it, we had freezing rain and then about 2-3 inches of snow. The roads were in tough shape and the commute home was treacherous. I sincerely had very little trouble with my tires skidding or slipping. It almost feels like I’m driving with snow tires. Then with our subsequent snowfalls I’ve had the opportunity to drive in freezing slush and dry powdered snow, and Tyre Grip works well in all types of winter precipitation. I’ve given a can to my girlfriend and I’m giving a can to a friend because he has to pick up his daughter in Milwaukee and we’re expecting 8-13 inches of snow!!! Great product!
Sharon Briggman – Flagstaff, Arizona
Alan (England UK)