Leilani Jones – Stanley, Idaho

I live in one of the coldest spots in the nation. I must drive a very icy 20-mile stretch each day and once a week…over a very icy, dangerous summit, Last year (armed with two cans of Tyre-Grip), I drove the 87 miles to Sun Valley and upon returning really got to experience why every car should be required to have Tyre Grip with them during winter. As I approached Galena Summit Peak and was about to begin the descent, someone on the side of the road motioned for me to pull over. I did and looked down toward the descent. Six cars and trucks had attempted to drive down the ice-packed road and had swerved off to avoid crashing through the highway barriers and dropping off the side of the summit. I sprayed Tyre-Grip like crazy on my tires and then began down. I never had a problem and in fact pulled over after making it past the icy section and hiked up and sprayed all the other cars and trucks that had slid off the road. They were all amazed and asked why it wasn’t sold at all gas stations. You guys should pass out a few cans to highway patrol and EMT workers around areas like ours. In fact it should be sold at all gas stations. Great stuff, guys. There are two things I always have before the first snows…firewood and Tyre-Grip. LOVE YOU FOLKS!
John Bauer – Arlington Heights, Illinois
Sharon Briggman – Flagstaff, Arizona