Jon Hahn, Woodinville, WA

Help! Might be too late (for now, but) need if possible location of retail source of Tyre-Grip in Seattle area (especially East Side area, including Redmond, Woodinville, Bellevue). Used it for first time (old Red Top can I found semi-hidden in back of car. Think I purchased it couple years ago from catalog) in yesterday’s snow/ice storm here and it performed Very Well, indeed. We drove up a slippery hill, past big pile-up and multiple chained-up vehicles that seemed unable to proceed. Alas, old red top can spray mechanism clogged despite our spraying upside-down after use. Might be because we kept it in (cold!) car???At any rate, can you advise re retail source near me? Thanks!
Alan (England UK)
Kathleen Arof