John Bauer – Arlington Heights, Illinois


Just wanted to share with you the other use I found for your Tyre-Grip™. We live in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and today we were getting snow since very early morning. About 1 PM, we had about 6″ with another possible 4″ expected by early evening.

I used my snow blower several times in the morning alone. But this was a heavy, wet snow and the tires can slip a lot, so there is a lot more pushing on my part. There are chains available for these snow blowers, which we don’t have. My wife said “Why don’t you try that Tyre-Grip we used for the van.” Well I did, and let me tell you it worked great! I feel that it improved the tire traction by at least 60%. I’m 67 years young and it did help the snow blower move along at a good pace.

You have a great product and you can count on me to pass this info along to family and friends.

John Bauer – Arlington Heights, Illinois
Leilani Jones – Stanley, Idaho