Why use Tyre-Grip™ Compared to other Traction Devices?

Tyre-Grip™ Traction Comparisons Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on resin suspended in isopropanol that adheres to your tire treads and enhances traction. Specifically, it cleans your tire treads and leaves a thin resin layer on the tire’s surface, preventing snow and ice buildup. Studies have shown that using Tyre-Grip™ increases your tires’ traction by an incredible 300 […]

Snow Chains can be a Hassle! Tyre-Grip™ – A more Convenient and “Hassle-Free” Approach to Increase Traction

Snow Chains Snow chains are one of the oldest methods for increasing traction on slippery road surfaces in use today. They do a pretty good job of increasing traction, but they have a number of serious disadvantages that increasingly make their use impractical. That’s why we at Triangle Associates offer Tyre-Grip™, a traction alternative without […]

Salt Trucks can not solve all your Winter Road Problems! It’s Fairly Effective but not Foolproof

No Slip Many people don’t think about their tires every time they get in their car, but the unfortunate truth is that many accidents are caused by a loss of traction from worn treads or inclement road conditions. This problem is particularly serious in those states and cities that face harsh winter weather that creates […]

Road Safety

Road Safety Our nation’s road and highway infrastructure is important for letting us get from school to work to home, but safety is always of the highest importance. Traffic accidents still cause among the highest injury and death rates in the nation. It is for this fact alone that traction and no-slip products continue to […]

Dealing with Traction Problems (Tyre-Grip™ Can Handle It)

Dealing with Traction Problems (TYRE-GRIP Can Handle It) Maintaining control of your vehicle is your chief concern while driving, and never is this truer than when you are driving in adverse conditions. Traction control is always a concern for drivers, regardless of where they live in the world. Sure, some places have to deal with […]

Using Tyre-Grip™ Anywhere

Using Tyre-Grip™ Anywhere Few people think of southern California as a place where inclement driving conditions are common. The fact of the matter is that the diversity of the terrain creates the same hazards that someone living in New York might experience. The valleys experience rain and icy roads, but snow strikes the higher elevations, […]