Mercedes Transmission

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Mercedes Transmission

Every luxury car owner is a little paranoid about the wellbeing of the car. Cars like the Mercedes Benz need frequent checkups on sensitive parts like the transmission system.

Transmissions are challenging to repair and always turn out to be inconvenient and stressful. Pay attention to activities that are odd to prevent the initiation of significant complications in the car. Adhering to the right maintenance schemes will let you know if there is a problem with the Mercedes transmission.  

How to identify common problems with the Mercedes Transmission

Faulty gears

The gears will start to slip and move without your effort when there is a problem with the automatic transmission fluid. Use the dipstick to check the levels. You should do a top-up if they are too low, and ensure that you follow the standardized Mercedes formula.

In other cases, the gear will not move after several attempts. This case is usually a result of problems with the linkage, shift cables, or thickness of the fluid. Do not attempt to drive off the car when you cannot change the gears. Call a Mercedes technician for further advice on the possible transmission problem.

Slippery transmission

You should not push this serious problem any further by keeping the car on the road. Call a specialized Mercedes technician to check the vehicle for the following possible causes, as well as to apply the right solutions:

  • Inefficient fluid
  • Burnt clutch disks
  • Defective solenoids

Color change in the transmission fluid

An overused fluid will change color from the usual somewhat pinky color to a brownish or black color.


Leaks are most common along transmission lines and faulty gaskets. Gaps in the system are the most common underlying cause of faults on lines and gaskets.


This status happens when the car has insufficient transmission fluid. Excess heat will lead to malfunctions in the overall transmission and the life span of the connected devices. You will notice a change in color of the fluid and a burning smell that intensifies the more you ignore it. Overheating will wear out the gears and force you to replace the entire transmission system

Shaking or grinding

A problem with the gears usually indicates the need for replacement. You will notice resistance while shifting the gears and rough driving. The apparatus would also wiggle a bit before turning into the correct position. The opposition will also have an accompanying buzz, whine, or clunk from the underside of the car.

Fixing the Mercedes transmission system

The most critical solution to fixing transmission is to call a highly skilled Mercedes technician. Taking up the job of fixing the system should be a temporary solution that should not be on repeat. If possible, only attempt to use DIY fixtures before driving the car to the closest mechanic in your area.

We have high tech tools that will detect specific problems in the transmission fluid or any other part that could result in a similar issue. Cor-Auto’s office in 37th Avenue Miami is open during working hours on all business days.

Mercedes Transmission
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