Mercedes Junkyard

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Mercedes Junkyard

Most junkyards reek of wear, tear, exhaustion and all other mediocre descriptions of cars. You are, however, on the right track by considering doing business with our professional and well-organized junkyard business. Cor Auto stands out in comparison to thousands of junkyards that have nothing more to offer than affordability.

Junkyards are fun because they offer inexpensive car parts that may still have a pristine condition. Junkyards have a degree of being the ultimate car shows. You can take a look at the minute makings of car parts and fiddle around with the idea of upgrading your car with additional new parts. Additionally, our Mercedes junkyard has a tech-savvy team that utilizes all the technological upgrades available to keep the storage in perfect condition.

Why should you look for car parts in our junkyard?


Our Mercedes junkyard does not have a disorderly clump of old car parts. We take time to not only take them apart but to arrange them in labeled spaces. We then use computerized room setting controls to keep the components cool and dry throughout the year.

Our inventory database has constant updates on all transactions to provide our clients with accurate information on the availability of parts. The billing system has complex layers of security that will protect your card’s details from computer criminals.


Our site does an excellent job of representing our business’ true ideals. The pictures of our storage spaces will maintain the same level of cleanliness when you check in physically. This factor gives as an upper hand in building trust with our clients. Prospective buyers appreciate the effort that goes into having a well-maintained office.


Unlike the junkyards that dismiss the need to inspect old cars, we place high regard in ensuring that car parts do not have wear and tear beyond the usable condition. We stock parts that are as good as new and will specify the details of each one with your request.

Engines with a milestone of less than 75,000 will have a six months warranty, guaranteeing you of our commitment to quality work. Car owners who opt to schedule for repairs with our qualified Mercedes technicians will have a warranty on labor parts.

Transparent communication

We have a fulltime operational and well-informed customer service. Our staff will not fumble on words while trying to give you the details of a specific car part.  Cor Auto understands that clients may sometimes order parts with inaccurate specifications. We will accept returns and ship out the right ones with ease and speed.

Easy finds

Nothing holds more history in the car business than junkyards. It can be a complete witch-hunt trying to locate a tiny car part, lost in the maze of old cars without proper inventories and organized packaging. Cor Auto places pieces in racks to keep appropriate documentation of car parts. We quickly restock parts with a high order rate. You can salvage anything from engines, body parts, electrical wiring, and dashboard parts without delay.


Mercedes Junkyard
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