Hydraulic Trailer Brakes

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Hydraulic Trailer Brakes

Get the Top Hydraulic Trailer Brakes!

The braking system is one of the essential elements for you to have a safe ride when driving with your trailer attached. One of the most common braking systems in these vehicles is the hydraulic trailer brakes. If you want to buy parts for your hydraulic brake system, you should know how they work, and where to get the best deals online.

How Do Hydraulic Brakes Work on Your Trailer?

This system is mainly composed of a pressure system between a drum and pads that generate high friction. The pressure between both parts is produced by pushing an oil or brake fluid. This is pumped as soon as you step on the pedal.

Usually, these pads are the ones that wear out, but before you buy elements for the brake system, it is essential to check all the items. This will ensure the brakes will be 100% operational once you carry out the maintenance. Perform an inspection of the entire system, including drums, fluid transport tubes, and connectors to the overall system of your car. Then go to your trusted provider.

Why Choose Us?

At Standard Axe, we care about providing you with the widest variety of parts for your trailer. Here you will be able to get the highest quality parts for your hydraulic brakes. We have parts from the most recognized brands in the market, such as AL-KO, Atwood, and Dexter.

Besides, being the top dealer in Canada, you will have the most competitive prices in the market, so your purchase will be a real bargain. If you have any doubts about your purchase, you can count on the support of our excellent team of specialized dealers. They will be able to guide you to get all that you need for your trailer's brakes.

What Products Can You Find In Our e-shop?

In Standard Axe, you can get everything from a screw to a complete hydraulic brake system. These are just five of the amazing products we have for you:

  1. AL-KO 023-527-00: This is a hydraulic brake designed for 8,000 Lb Axles. Its dimensions are 12.25″ X 3.375″. It is a Uni Servo type (4 Bolt Mount). We have both left & right-hand pieces.
  2. AL-KO K23-524-00: This is a high capacity hydraulic brake system from AL-KO. It is designed for 10,000 & 12,000 Lbs. axles. Its measurements are 12.25″ X 3.5″. It replaces old parts N° 60206801 & AK568213.
  3. ATWOOD ATW85740: This is a hydraulic brake system for one axle trailer. Its price is one of the most competitive in the market. They have a capacity of 1,800 lbs, and you can acquire it both for the right and left hand. They measure 7″ X 1 3/4″.
  4. DEXTER K23-252-00: This brake brings an excellent parking brake feature. They measure 12.25″ X 3.375″, designed for 8,000 Lb axles. Also, they are Uni Servo type, with manual adjustment.
  5. DEXTER K23-322-00: This system is an excellent option for small trailers, with 5,200 Lb axles. They are Duo Servo type and measure 12″ X 2″.

Trust the Experts!

If you want to buy the best hydraulic trailer brakes in Canada, Standard Axle is your best choice. We have the best brands for you for all models of trailers. Also if you want, we can do the best repair & maintenance service in the country. Register online or contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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