Why use Tyre-Grip™ Compared to other Traction Devices?

Why use Tyre-Grip™ Compared to other Traction Devices?

Tyre-Grip™ Traction Comparisons Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on resin suspended in isopropanol that adheres to your tire treads and enhances traction. Specifically, it cleans your tire treads and leaves a thin resin layer on the tire's surface, preventing snow and ice buildup. Studies have shown that using Tyre-Grip™ increases your tires' traction by an incredible 300 percent, compared to tires without Tyre-Grip. If you regularly drive in conditions that are less than optimal, keeping a can of Tyre-Grip™ in your car is a great idea. You never know when weather patterns may change, making driving unsafe. Tyre-Grip™ can help you drive safely through roads with black ice and rainy, wet conditions. The traction alternatives to Tyre-Grip™ can be as dangerous to your car as the conditions you're trying to avoid. Chains give your drive train quite a rattle, and can have lasting effects on both the train and your shocks. Purchasing snow chains is also a great inconvenience. Chains aren't one-size-fits-all: they are sized to fit your tires, so if you have a sedan and an SUV, you'll need to purchase two separate sets of chains. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing snow tires, but they are inconvenient for the same reason (not to mention expensive!). It can also be very inconvenient to have to change the tires every year yourself when the weather becomes forbidding. Yet another option is purchasing studded tires (the idea being that less rubber is in contact with the road, giving you more traction). However, tire studs cause a great deal of road damage and some states forbid their use during spring, summer, and fall. Tire studs also increase the stopping distance needed when conditions are wet and rainy. Tyre-Grip™, on the other hand, is remarkably easy to use. It forms a thin film over your tires, but has just as pronounced an effect on traction. We at Triangle Associates offer Tyre-Grip™ not just for tires. The adhesive, traction-enhancing effects of Tyre-Grip™ can also be used on the soles of shoes as well as on tires. Shoe-Grip™ works using the same technology as Tyre-Grip™, and helps you move about with confidence regardless of the presence of snow and ice.

Snow Chains can be a Hassle! Tyre-Grip™ – A more Convenient and “Hassle-Free” Approach to Increase Traction

Snow Chains Snow chains are one of the oldest methods for increasing traction on slippery road surfaces in use today. They do a pretty good job of increasing traction, but they have a number of serious disadvantages that increasingly make their use impractical. That's why we at Triangle Associates offer Tyre-Grip™, a traction alternative without the drawbacks of chains. The Problems of Snow Chains Snow chains do make inclement conditions a bit safer to traverse, but this traction comes at a price. First, snow chains take a toll on the drive train and the suspension. The vibration can be very damaging to both, and is incredibly uncomfortable to sit through. Even worse, snow chains are prohibited in many cities and states, and some auto manufacturers will expressly void warranties if snow chains are used on certain cars. Snow chains do a lot of damage to road surfaces, and some potholes and cracks can be attributed to their use. This has led to a ban on their use in some states and cities. The drive trains on hybrid cars are also too sensitive for their use, further limiting your options. In some cases, the only alternative for drivers is to use a product like Tyre-Grip™. One of the best reasons to avoid buying snow chains is simply to avoid the cost. Snow chains aren't cheap, and the truth is that each size of chains will only fit a particular size of tire. If you have an SUV and a sports car, you'll need to buy chains for each. With Tyre-Grip™, you can protect both cars without having to double your expense. Tyre-Grip™ is easily one of the best traction alternatives to snow chains on the market today. Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on solution that removes dirt and grime buildup on your tires, coating them with a thin resin layer that then prevents snow and ice from accumulating on your tires. Using Tyre-Grip™ can increase your tires' traction by an amazing 300 percent. Each adhesive application is capable of providing nearly 50 miles of improved traction, and is safe to use on any road surface.

Salt Trucks can not solve all your Winter Road Problems! It’s Fairly Effective but not Foolproof

No Slip Many people don't think about their tires every time they get in their car, but the unfortunate truth is that many accidents are caused by a loss of traction from worn treads or inclement road conditions. This problem is particularly serious in those states and cities that face harsh winter weather that creates icy, slippery conditions. We at Triangle Associates work to reduce the danger of such conditions by offering Tyre-Grip™, a powerful traction device that is safe to use on any car, anywhere. We've all had to be very clever when it comes to dealing with adverse road conditions. First were the snow plows, and then came the salt trucks. These combine to create a fairly effective method of keeping the roads clear, but they aren't foolproof. Even worse, these two measures can do a pretty impressive amount of damage to a road surface, which then translates to damage to your car. Anyone who lives in a major metropolitan area can tell you how big some potholes can be! Using Tyre-Grip™ won't eliminate the potholes, but we can assure you that it will help pick up the slack where the plow and the salt truck fail! Tyre-Grip™'s Impressive Traction Data Tyre-Grip™ has been rigorously tested in several laboratory and practical studies, and has been found to increase the traction of a tire by as much as three times its original specification. The Norwegian State Institute of Technology performed a series of exhaustive tests and found the 300 percent increase in traction to be uniform across tire designs. This means that regardless of the car you drive or the tires you ride on, Tyre-Grip™ is sure to give you the no-slip surface you need when the snow is falling. Not only does Tyre-Grip™ clean your tire of grime buildup, but it also protects your tire with a thin resin layer that keeps snow or ice from accumulating and decreasing traction. We at Triangle Associates also offer a no-slip product for surfaces other than tires. Shoe-Grip™ is great for helping navigate on ice and snow while you walk from your car to your office. It offers the same no-slip benefits as Tyre-Grip™, and is as effective on any shoe tread as it is on tires.

Road Safety

Road Safety Our nation's road and highway infrastructure is important for letting us get from school to work to home, but safety is always of the highest importance. Traffic accidents still cause among the highest injury and death rates in the nation. It is for this fact alone that traction and no-slip products continue to be a top seller, especially in those regions where inclement weather and adverse road conditions are the norm and not the exception. We here at Triangle Associates have made it our business to offer Tyre-Grip™, a traction product powerful enough for any road condition. Anyone who lives where there's the constant threat of rain of snow can tell you that driving in such weather can be stressful. There's the constant threat of losing control of your vehicle if you don't have adequate traction. This makes traction one of the top road safety concerns. Fortunately, Tyre-Grip™ addresses these concerns with flying colors. Here's how it works: it cleans your tire, removing it of dirt and grime that has accumulated. Next, it coats your tire with a thin, protective layer that prevents ice or snow from building up. For anyone who drives commercial vehicles, motorcycles, or participates in a carpool, keeping Tyre-Grip™ on hand is a smart idea. Using Tyre-Grip™ when the Road Is Slick Snow chains are one of the dominant forms of traction devices, but that doesn't make their use easy, or even legal. While they can be effective, they also face stiff regulations in most states, and are even banned from use in a number of metropolitan areas. Tyre-Grip™ is an incredible alternative to snow chains, offering an increase in traction that studies have shown to be as much as three times that of normal road grip. Tyre-Grip™ uses natural resins which are sprayed onto the tire treads. A thin film is all that is needed to increase road traction, and its benefits will last for nearly 50 miles of continuous use. It can be reapplied as needed, and is completely safe to use regardless of tire condition. Tyre-Grip™ is also safe for the exterior of the car, and poses no threat to paint jobs or chrome.

Dealing with Traction Problems (Tyre-Grip™ Can Handle It)

Dealing with Traction Problems (TYRE-GRIP Can Handle It)

Maintaining control of your vehicle is your chief concern while driving, and never is this truer than when you are driving in adverse conditions. Traction control is always a concern for drivers, regardless of where they live in the world. Sure, some places have to deal with snow and ice, but even rain can be a traffic hazard for the unprepared motorist. This can be a particularly challenging prospect, especially when ice, snow, and rain are factors. At Triangle Associates, we offer a Tyre-Grip™, a revolutionary traction option that is known to be at least three times as effective as other methods. Tyre-Grip, a traction control device that will work on any vehicle’s tires, anywhere. Dealing with Snow Traction Problems Salting the highways and back roads is a common treatment used to deal with ice and snow problems, but it's not foolproof. If the snow continues to fall, even more salt is needed to stay on top of the problem. Also, those who live in rural areas may end up waiting long period of time in between saltings. It's often not convenient or even possible to remain off the roads during these times--for the safety-conscious driver, snowy roads pose an immediate threat. There are places where snow might not be a constant concern, but the danger of icy roads will still exist. Icy roads can happen for many reasons--rain may fall and freeze on the road, or snow may melt and re-freeze, seemingly invisible to a driver who is unaware. For conditions that involve snow or ice, Tyre-Grip™ is very effective in making your driving experience a safer one. Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on adhesive traction alternative that helps increase the grip your tires have on the road surface. It both removes dirt and grime buildup on your tire, and then leaves a thin layer of protection to keep snow from accumulating. It has been shown to increase traction by 300 percent in tests, and continues to be one of the best possible alternatives to inconvenient devices like snow chains, snow tires, or tire studs. Best of all, its use is not regulated like other traction devices are, allowing you to use it on any surface no matter where you are.

Using Tyre-Grip™ Anywhere

Using Tyre-Grip™ Anywhere

Few people think of southern California as a place where inclement driving conditions are common. The fact of the matter is that the diversity of the terrain creates the same hazards that someone living in New York might experience. The valleys experience rain and icy roads, but snow strikes the higher elevations, too. This only illustrates that traction control is a concern for everyone. Tyre-Grip™ gives drivers an effective way to keep their wheels from skidding, regardless of the road condition. Tyre-Grip™ is a unique spray-on solution that's easy for all to use. It clears away the dirt and grime that have accumulated on your treads, leaving behind a thin, protective layer that keeps snow or ice from building up. This dramatically increases your car's grip on the road. Tyre-Grip™ is effective for over 50 miles of continuous use, and can easily be reapplied as needed. Tyre-Grip™ has been tested and proven effective for snowy or icy conditions; it can also increase a driver's confidence during conditions of heavy rain. Triangle Associates also offers Shoe-Grip™, a product that incorporates all the benefits of Tyre-Grip™ so you can keep your footing on a slippery walkway. Shoe-Grip™ can help make navigating treacherous walkways, stairs, or sidewalks easier and safer. With both products on hand, you can be confident you're doing everything you can to help avert an accident or injury.

The Dangers of Winter Driving

Winter Driving Winter driving can be a treacherous experience, particularly if your car doesn't have the best traction. Sure, the city will plow the streets and lay down sand and salt, but that's not always enough to ensure safe driving conditions. At Triangle Associates, we understand the need for improved traction, which is why we offer Tyre-Grip™. The Dangers of Winter Driving Some people think of winter driving as that exclusive time when the snow is falling. The problem is that once the clouds break, the snow begins to melt and refreeze, causing terrible icy conditions. This is when the true danger to motorists really exists. If you are unprepared to face black ice on the road, you could be headed for trouble. No matter where you are in the world, if you face the possibility of dangerous road conditions, you need to consider all of your options. Traction control devices top the list of potential safety tools, but they aren't legal in many areas. Many areas ban the use of chains because of the severe damage they can cause to roadways. Similarly, studded tires are often banned during seasons other than winter. There is also no guarantee that such devices will work as effectively as you want them to. The good news is that Tyre-Grip™ is simply one of the best traction devices available today. With Tyre-Grip™, you will improve your tires' grip on the road exponentially, and will be able to navigate turns and obstacles with confidence. Tyre-Grip™ sprays onto your tires, clearing your treads of grime and dust and protecting them from the dangerous accumulation of snow or ice. Best of all, Tyre-Grip™ is completely safe to use on any road surface, which means that anyone can use it regardless of where they live.

Dealing with Adverse Road Conditions

Road Construction Road construction has evolved a lot in the last 30 years. The introduction of asphalt as the primary road surface in use has played a major role in the reduction of traffic accidents, thanks to an increase in traction, but there is still more that could be done. That's why Triangle Associates offers Tyre-Grip™ to people who want to make their car even safer. Dealing with Adverse Road Conditions Even with the improvements to road design, the potential for accidents is still very real. Inclement weather provides one of the top reasons for dangerous road conditions, although even in good weather there is the danger of a loss of traction. Police cars and other emergency vehicles in particular can't risk that danger. Tyre-Grip™ is a powerful traction control device that can be sprayed directly onto your tires. First, Tyre-Grip™ removes dirt and grime buildup on your tires; next, the natural resin leaves a thin, protective layer on the tire's surface that improves adhesion, road grip, and mobility. Tyre-Grip™ lasts for many miles of continuous use before needing reapplication, too. Older concrete roads are still in use in many areas, but they can feature treacherous traction problems, particularly at higher speeds. In areas where concrete roads are still prevalent, Tyre-Grip™ can give you the assurance you need to navigate successfully through potentially hazardous conditions. Tyre-Grip™ works well regardless of the surface upon which you're traveling.

Poor Traction is a Major Cause of Road Accidents

Tire Adhesive Even the best tires can sometimes have a traction problem if the road's surface is wet, icy, or covered in snow. The problem is only exacerbated if your tires are getting old and the treads are beginning to wear. Poor traction is a major cause of road accidents, so reinforcing their ability to grip the road is important. That's why we at Triangle Associates offer Tyre-Grip™, a revolutionary new traction control product that is guaranteed to enhance your ability to stay on the road. Tyre-Grip™ is a spray-on solution that dramatically increases the traction of your tires. When sprayed on, it cleans the tire treads by removing accumulated dust and road grime. It then leaves a thin layer on the surface of the tires, preventing snow or ice from building up and decreasing traction. It works on any pavement or road surface, and is safe to use on any tire. Tyre-Grip™ Statistics Snow chains do improve traction somewhat in snow and ice conditions, but they are not foolproof and can slip just as easily as tires without chains. Worse, they are illegal on some surfaces and in some states because of the threat they pose to the road itself. Tyre-Grip™, on the other hand, has absolutely no adverse effects on the road. Tyre-Grip™ shows a traction increase of up to three times as much as a regular tire. That kind of increase is unmatched by other traction control devices, and costs a fraction of what others do. You could spend hundreds of dollars on snow chains and still not have the same level of protection against a loss of traction as you would with Tyre-Grip™.