• Where should Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive be stored or carried?

    In the trunk of the car along with other winter aids such as de-icier, scrapers, snow brush, etc.
  • How long has the product been on the market?

    Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive was first marketed in Norway in 1985/86. Earlier less efficient ‘chemical’ versions of the product appeared previously from time to time, and no doubt cheap and ineffective imitations will appear in the future! So for safety always insist on the original, high-tech Tyre-Grip™ Snow & Ice Adhesive!!
  • Is Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive a substitute for careful winter driving?

    Nothing can act as a substitute for careful use of the brakes, accelerator, clutch and steering wheel- but Tyre-Grip™ can play an important role in improving road grip in difficult conditions.